ANGSTKVLT – “Follow and Obey”

The world is fucked up. It is time for a new faith. It is time for the ANGSTKVLT!

“If the year 2020 was an album, it’s ’Follow and Obey’.” – M. Kraxenberger, Sick of Sound Studios.


Follow and Obey was released on March 12th 2021. The recordings took place during 2020.

Watch out for the limited luxurious first edition dedicated to those TRVE to the KVLT

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KVLTIST H. and KVLTIST B. – sworn together by a 20 years lasting friendship – started writing some music in 2019. After first rehearsals, the idea of the ANGSTKVLT was born.

The starting point was the common love of Black Metal – but they never stopped within the boundaries of this genre. After a couple of months, they had enough songs for their first self-produced Demo.

The ANGSTKVLT started to rise.

The decision was clear: The chants of the KVLT needed professionalization, so the ANGSTKVLT teamed up with Michael Kraxenberger and Sick of Sound Studio in May 2020 – right after the first German Corona-Lockdown. They recorded five KVLT-Psalms and started working on a proper release.

The result is a six sided Digi-Pack which is packed in a box hand made of franconian wood, limited to 100 pieces – each number individually laser engraved on the back of the box. The Mini-Album “Follow and Obey” contains five songs totalling to 25 minutes.

The release was on March 12th 2021.

How to order

You can buy the limited edition by the band directly ( or via bandcamp – there you’ll find a digital copy as well as also on the common streaming platforms.

The price is 15 € per piece plus porto to your desired destination.

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wooden cover
Wooden cover
Back cover with laser engraved numbering
wooden sleeve with digi pack

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